About me

I am a writer and freelance editor living and working in Portland, OR. I’ve spent the bulk of the last decade studying Philosophy, English, Cybertheory, and Book Publishing at Portland State University. I favor science fiction (particularly military and cyberpunk) but generally enjoy any story that is interesting and well told. I also enjoy writing and editing for the screen–it is not the medium that intrigues me, but the content.

As a writer, I was first published in the 2009 Summer/Fall edition of the Oregon Literary Review—a screenplay short called If on a Winter’s Eve. In 2010 I won grand prize in the Imagining Indigenous Futurism Writing Contest (Judged by Stephen Graham Jones) with a selection from my novel, a cyberwestern with the working title of No Signal. In 2011 I was first runner-up for the graduate-fiction category in the Kellogg Awards. My short story, “The Blood-Brain Barrier” was included in the Fall 2011 edition of The Portland Review.

As a developmental editor, I have been lucky enough to work on some notable projects with a many amazing writers. Recently I did developmental work, and provided the title for Timothy Kurek’s book, “The Cross in the Closet” published by Bluehead on Oct. 11th, 2012. The last project I did for Ooligan Press was the developmental work Daniel Kine’s second novel, “Up Nights”. It was released in May of 2013.



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