Literary Prose and Screen Samples

Here are a few samples of my work in literary fiction, I hope you find them good reading.

I enjoy sailing a great deal and while I don’t imagine myself ever doing long solo sea passages , I do often read  about those who do. When I discovered the practice that ‘single-handed sailors’ have of trailing a length of line behind the boat in case they fall off, giving them a last chance to grab on before their boat sails away–I thought it would make a good story. For this selection I received first runner up for The Tom Doulis Graduate Fiction Award at Portland State’s Kellogg Awards in the Spring of 2011.

Sail Away


This is a piece of flash fiction that appeared on LauraReviewsBooks . It was my first attempt at staying under 200 words, and it proved quite a challenge–but I was happy with the result.



Here is a short script I wrote for a class in college that subsequently appeared on the Oregon Literary Review, edited by Charles Deemer.

If On a Winter’s Eve


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