Editorial Rates and Services

Rates and Services

For authors and screenwriters looking to prepare their work for submission to agents, publishers, or producers, I provide the following services:
Global Letter  $1.00/page (250 words per page)
This should be the first stage of the editing process. Here I furnish you with an objective, and non-evaluative critique of the high-level structural clarity of your narrative in a four to six page letter. For example, during this round of editing I may suggest enhancing thematic elements, eliminating superfluous characters, or even to consider cutting entire chapters. This letter is intended to provide a dialogue with a ‘reader’ that will help make your rewrite the most effective expression of the story you are telling.
Developmental/Substantive Editing  $.03-.04/word
Here I will address both the developmental and substantive issues in your work by tackling organization, structure, plot, character-arcs, pacing, and dialogue. This sort of editing is a much more intensive version of the global letter, and it clarifies your writing line by line, word by word. After digesting these suggestions you will be ready to prepare your final draft.
Copy editing  $.02-.03/word
This service should come after you have completed all suggested substantive revisions on your piece. Copy editing clears muddled meaning, eliminates jargon, and polishes word choice; it also addresses grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style so that your final product will be clean, professional, and ready to submit to agents, publishers, or producers.
For agents, publishers, and producers looking to have their client’s work edited, I generally charge by the hour at standard industry rates. Please inquire for quotes.
I  also transcribe prose for screen and can perform most copy writing duties–from ghost to advertising.  Please contact for details.

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